Founder/CEO-Jeffrey Beri's Bio

As CEO of a cutting-edge pet lifestyle brand, Jeffrey Beri is described as “a true visionary”. His extreme passion for protecting both animals and the environment has led him to create a brand-new concept in the pet industry, a complete ‘all in one" lifestyle pet product line. Mr. Beri's proven ability to strategically promote “design and develop" product lines and services to diverse markets will ensure the continued success of Genius Travel Pet Pack.

The concept for Genius Travel Pet Pack comes from his very active, “on the go” daily activities. He needed a handy travel pack to quickly grab for his outings with his German Shepherd, Sinatra, but was unable to find one that was 100% sustainable and animal cruelty-free. Mr. Beri set out to create his own. Working closely with a team of experts, Mr. Beri engineered top quality sustainable and animal cruelty-free products.

As an avid animal advocate and a compassionate philanthropist, Mr. Beri has been an active member of animal advocate alliances for many years, coordinating major fundraising events and raising substantial donations for animals in need. He was part of a team that led rescue events, as well as personally caring for, and finding wonderful homes for a multitude of stray and shelter animals.

Prior to his latest venture, Mr. Beri's ability to creatively and strategically promote product lines and services to diverse markets had made him a leading figure in today's fashion world. Born in Long Island, New York, Mr. Beri studied in Budapest, Hungary at the Allami Penzero academy, a prestigious European school specializing in all aspects of jewelry design, manufacturing and marketing. Subsequently, Mr. Beri apprenticed at Creations Haute Joailler in Paris, France, during which time he worked on collections for Cartier, Tabbah, and Van Cleef & Arpels. His achievements include exclusive jewelry design, and developing the demanding technical skills for instructing, engineering, and manufacturing successful products and product lines. Jeffrey returned from Europe and established a successful record of generating synergistic relationships with upscale retailers such as Neiman-Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney's, and Bergdorf Goodman. His microcord brand of jewelry is one of his trademarked and widely commercially successful integrations of technology and fashion. In his almost decade long role in charge of production for David Yurman, Jeffrey was responsible for the manufacturing, development and design for the David Yurman brand on a global basis. He was strategically involved in short and long term brand building decisions, including identifying and implementing fashion direction, sourcing and quality control. Mr. Beri created jewelry for cause marketing initiatives, including building out upscale collections for Susan Rockefeller and Honora to benefit Oceana, Karatas, to benefit Help USA and other leading brands through the Charity Buzz global community.

In June 2016, Jeffrey was a part of a high-profile rescue mission with dogs taken from Yulin dog meat slaughterhouses in China. For 280 Yulin dogs, he built and constructed 3 shelters that were on par with international standards. However, the organization involved decided to recall highly infectious dogs from medical treatment, severely compromising their welfare and lives. Jeffrey, along with his assistant Lia Lee, and volunteer Deborah Hall, broke from the organization, and put their lives on hold to care for 121 Yulin dogs – No Dog Left Behind. They treated, rehabilitated, and transported 121 dogs at various locations across China with sponsorship from Soi Dog Foundation, American Humane Society and multiple rescue organizations in America. Against all odds, they achieved history, as no organization in China has ever been able to send such a large quantity of dogs in 8 months from slaughterhouse to rescue, treatment, rehabilitation, and transport to America. His Genius Travel Pet Pack was an integral part of the treatment and daily care protocols for each dog, and it worked! From disinfecting, grooming, and treatment, Genius Travel Pet Products provided optimal cruelty-free welfare standards for dogs who had experienced cruelty themselves.

Jeffrey Beri has three children, is fluent in French and Hungarian, and is an instrument rated pilot.

Chief scientist-Joe Bieniasz's bio

Mr.Bieniasz studied chemistry, biology, and economics.

He is currently working independently as a Development Scientist, packaging designer, and product consultant. He has developed many products for canine care, focusing on sustainability, ecologically friendly and natural products.

He has previously worked for 27 years with the #2 worldwide consumer care products company. Joe has developed and assisted on a large array of current market leader oral care products. He is a recognized expert in essential oils and mints, an analyst and quality control scientist and expert on many personal and oral care product raw materials. Joe worked as an instrumental analyst with gc, gc/ms, lc, and all aspects of laboratory science. In addition, he researched packaging materials, packaging/product interactions, and recommended appropriate materials and matrices on the the above. Also he trained personnel from foreign subsidiaries on all of the above.

Mr.Bieniasz is personally committed to a better and healthier planet for all living things. He is a member of the Sierra Club, an avid outdoorsman, swimmer, hiker, scuba diver, and cyclist. He is a community volunteer for various organizations, and a supporter of local animal shelters. He has traveled to 37 countries.

"We are delighted to have joe as Chief Scientist, as he brings a world of knowledge to our proprietary formulas! He shares our passion to help our Mother Planet! And it doesn't have to suck! " — Jeffrey Beri